Living with Bipolar disorder

What is bipolar disorder?

Drastic changes in energy levels and mood. Mania is high levels of energy and depression are extreme lows.

Energy levels are one of my biggest roadblocks. I have days where I’m full of energy and feel amazing and after, comes the really tough days where I don’t want to move and my moods drop along with my energy.

Currently I am on medication, an antipsychotic which has helped balance out these drastic highs and lows and help me stay at a more balanced level. Before I was put on medication I was constantly in a state of mania or a deep depression it was beyond exhausting and took a toll on me.

When I’m in a manic state I seem to feel and be “happy” almost ecstatic, I talk a lot and very quickly and I can’t stop moving. I don’t feel the need to rest or sleep and I usually get very into creative activities and blow through my bank account without stopping to think. My mind is going a thousand miles a minute and although this can help me be productive and get a lot done it wears my body. Eventually, my energy hits a sudden drop and then I’m the opposite, I don’t want to move.. i have no motivation I feel exhausted and I’m super depressed. Constantly going back and forth between these states make it hard to go to work and participate in daily activities. Even when I am in a manic state my body is tired, I can’t stop or rest and my mind is in a different world but physically I am exhausted.

Now that I’m on meds I’m much more balanced. I have good days and bad days and they aren’t like everyone else’s, I still get a little to much energy and hit lows but it’s getting better.

My biggest issue to battle is learning how to manage my energy, how to hang on to it and not burn it all out the second I feel energized. I’m very careful now with who I interact with and make sure to take time to rest.

I’ve learned a couple of things about managing energy and the dogs and don’ts

  1. Be aware of the people you are communicating with and what topics they are discussing with you.
    1. Discussing serious, stressful and sensitive topics will drain you.
  2. If you read, watch tv or listen to music.. try to be aware of how it can be playing a role in your day to day life.
    1. If the content is covering topics that you are currently dealing with or cause an emotional response there probably not a good idea!
    2. If your a reader, usually non fiction is better then real life stories!
  3. If you feel like you can do a million things all at once.. try to slow yourself down, start small!
    1. Take two minutes to sit down and focus on your breathe! Or close your eyes and imagine something interesting! Set your timer.
    2. Know that you don’t have to use all your energy before it’s gone! It’s ok to store it for later!
  4. Try to plan ahead! Create a mix of things you can do when you you hit a high or a low that will help you to pace yourself and not wear yourself out!
  5. Adjust your work or school schedule!

Talk again soon!


Published by LeannaJenkins

20 something trying to live my best life! passionate about helping others and sharing honestly about my own experiences!

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