Get To Know Me!

My name is Leanna, i am a twenty something year old who is passionate about helping people!

I have Decided to share my personal experience with mental health and how I cope! I hope to spread awareness and support to those in need. I am new to Blogging and honestly, don’t consider myself a good writer.. BUT I want to reach out to as many people as I can and let them know they aren’t alone!

what will i be sharing?

  • Mental Health experiences, Tips, resources and more!
  • I hope to also share some fun facts about me! and throw in some cute dog photos every now and then.

My Favorite Quote is “H.O.P.E” which stand for “hold on,pain ends.” I know .. its SO CLICHE, but trust me it ends.

  • I hope that through my efforts people will find friends, Family and most importantly support.
  • Feel free to contact me and share your thoughts!
  • Together we will find Motivation and self-worth! YOU CAN DO IT

I should also mention that I plan to be a Therapist one day and want to specialize in DBT or Dialectical Behaviour Therapy! which i will share more information on soon! This is the form of therapy i received and it has CHANGED MY LIFE.

well… I better get blogging!! talk soon.

sending Love,